The year-round super ingredient

Tap into the Power of POM

Now it’s even easier to harness the pomegranate’s nutritional and functional benefits.

  • Super antioxidants inside, super functionality outside

  • Upcycled products for waste reduction

  • Highest food and safety standards

  • 100% california-grown

  • Engineered specifically for key verticals

POMxl helped us achieve a baked good formulation that we were having difficulty with, and the results were astounding!  We were able to meet the sugar and sodium restrictions while still providing a complex, craveable flavor with great texture and consistency.  This is our new go-to ingredient and we recommend it to many of our clients.”

Michael Buononato, Senior Vice President of Creative Food Solutions, a food innovation firm working with POM to evaluate the functionality of POM’s specialty ingredients in various recipes.

Why POM Wonderful

POM is committed to scientific research, and we are exploring the potential health benefits of pomegranate polyphenols in muscle strength recovery and beyond.

Largest grower of Wonderful Variety pomegranates in  the U.S.

Fully integrated from farm to table

World-Class processing facilities and quality & food safety programs

20 years and over $250MM invested in the brand

World Class Scientific Research Program

Committed to long-term sustainability and waste

POMxL earns Upcycled Certification

Certification underscores POM Wonderful’s commitment to sustainability and waste reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. All our specialty ingredients originate from the Wonderful varietal, cultivated on POM Wonderful’s farms in California’s Central Valley. This commitment to sourcing from our own farms reflects our dedication to quality.

  2. The natural sugar presence and flavor profile of POMxL allows for reduced sugar ingredients at
respective concentration.

  3. Saltiness from sodium is replaced with potassium found in POMxL. The citric acid in POMxL can accentuate saltiness which helps reduce inclusion rate.

  4. POMxL and Pomegranate Juice Concentrate are Non-GMO Project verified.

  5. POMxL and pomegranate juice concentrate are certified kosher.

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